What's a sound bath?

A sound bath is a calming and delightful meditation that brings you into a deep state of relaxation. You'll blissfully transmute some of the tension in your body.

What are the benefits of a sound bath?

You'll experience a deep state of peace and ease. Your mind will feel refreshed, almost like you 'turned it off and turned it back on again'.

Some other benefits—

  • Relieves anxiety & stress

  • Can activate expanded states of consciousness

  • Unlocks blocked emotions

  • Induces complete relaxation

  • Promotes deep meditation

  • Heightens clarity

  • Improves ability to concentrate

  • Relieves insomnia

  • Decreases depression

  • Normalizes blood pressure

  • Relieves physical pain

  • Release emotional trauma

Which instruments do you use?


We use a wide variety of instruments— from deep drones to light, ethereal tones.

Some of our primary instruments include—

  • 38" Paiste gongs recorded with a DPA MMP-C mic.

  • Binaural beat crystal singing bowls.

  • Native American flutes.

  • Vibraphone

  • Monochord

  • Dreamy balafon, flute and crystal bowl synths

  • Deep drones to bring you into a space of ease

  • Chimes


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Although many meditations are encouraged seated, we recommend that you experience this laying down (much like 'savasana' in yoga).

This is so your body can let go completely, and you can enter your deepest state of relaxation.


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Tips for the practice

Here are some of our go-to tips to help you get started.

We recommend doing a 'deep dive' once a month. An intentional one hour journey— maybe joining for a community livestream.

Then use the platform to fall asleep as you need, or to cultivate a short daily meditation practice.

I have a hard time getting out of my mind. Is this for me?

Sound meditation is the most accessible form of meditation. You don't need any meditation experience.

The instruments (and particularly the gong) clear the chatter in your mind. It's almost like a forced meditation.

We recommend this for anyone who feels that meditation is challenging, or that they 'can't get there'. Give this a try ;)

What are the long term effects of meditation?

A regular meditation practice brings more clarity, ease and awareness into your life.

According to the MayoClinic, the emotional benefits of meditation can include:

  1. Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations

  2. Building skills to manage your stress

  3. Increasing self-awareness

  4. Focusing on the presents

  5. Reducing negative emotions

  6. Increasing imagination and creativity

  7. Increasing patience and tolerance

What if my thoughts are still racing. Am I doing it right?

Often, when we begin to meditate, we are forced to confront discomfort and anxiety in our minds and bodies. It's totally normal, and it will pass.

Focus on breathing deeply, and relaxing your body. We often say 'breathe into the sound'.

Sometimes, a deep meditation will bring up a lot of emotions. That's welcome— these feelings come in waves; just allow them to come and go with the music.

Is this religious or spiritual?

We're not the guru kind of crew.

There's no dogma in this practice or this community— we're just musicians sharing soothing sounds.

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