Sound baths that melt stress and feel like pure heaven

Soothing, dreamy sounds for deep sleep and relaxation. Stream high-quality sound baths, hypnosis meditations & more on the app.


“I never knew this level of relaxation even existed”

Our virtual sound baths are a comforting space for you to let go of whatever’s weighing you down.

Plug in some good headphones, feel yourself sink into the mattress, and let the dreamy sounds transport you to a place of peace.

Go from struggle to surrender, anxious to spacious, tired to inspired in 30 minutes. It sounds heavenly, and it works like a charm.

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See how this simple practice of listening to beautiful, relaxing music–even just for a few minutes...can soothe and calm your nervous system.

Your fastpass to an incredible day 🎧

Download this free 15-minute hypnosis meditation & sound bath to shift your mindset toward clarity and confidence.


The sounds do all the work

Turn down the lights, grab an eye mask, plug in your headphones, and get cozy. Just a few taps of The Sound Bath app and *chime* you're ready to de-stress.

The journey is beautiful and immersive. Gentle sounds like crystal bowls soothe and calm you, while deeper vibrations like gongs clear the mind and ground your energy.

No more sleepless nights

Tossing, turning, spiraling thoughts.

We all know the excruciating feeling of a sleepless night. Drifting off doesn't come easy when your body feels tense and your mind is racing.

The good news? Sound baths are one of the best ways to get more restful sleep. Throw one on before you go to bed, or listen to an all-night sound bath to help you fall and stay asleep.

Deepen your practice

Do you feel like there's a "block" in your life you just can't quite break through? Add to your practice with our guided hypnosis meditations. Choose from topics like money, love and self-worth—all set to a backdrop of soothing sounds.

Hypnotherapy is a way of releasing blocks and reprogramming your behavior by overwriting subconscious limiting beliefs. Using relaxation and repetition, your hypnotherapist on The Sound Bath app guides you back to the place you've belonged all along.

Our sound baths give people comfort & healing. Curious what might be in store for you?

I couldn’t believe how well my over-ear headphones transferred the vibrations and resonance of the instruments! 🎧 Wow! I’m so grateful to deeply feel the experience, across the ethers.

<p>Tiffany W.</p>, <br/>

Tiffany W.

Exactly what I needed. I got more relaxation after one hour than I have trying to sleep the past several nights.


Linda B.

That was absolutely transporting, healing, incredibly soothing to the nervous system. . . I guess it doesn't matter where my body was sitting, because I was not there!



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Relax and let go with The Sound Bath app

Turn down the lights, grab an eye mask, plug in your headphones, and get cozy – we’re bringing relaxation straight to you. Start with a free trial.