The Sound Bath Training Course

Celebrating the success of our students ⭐

Our students have amazed us with the incredible wellness practices they've built. They started sound bath studios (!!), arranged regular weekly and monthly sound baths at nearby yoga studios, hosted retreats in Belize, helped those transitioning, initiated goddess gatherings and incorporated the practice into their acupuncture routines, among other endeavors.

Learn from the creators of the largest sound baths in the country....

Learn from experts Guy Douglas and Simona Asinovski– the founders of 'The Sound Healing Symphony'.

Our online course empowers you to create sound baths that always sound good

You'll learn the fundamentals of music theory, the science & spirituality of sound, how to select and play your instruments, and how to create the structure and flow of a sound bath. The class starts in a few weeks!

Join us for the online course!

Emma Peck

IG: @soundandsoul_sf

Emma does WEEKLY sound baths in SF, and, as well as private and public sound baths corporate/large sound baths, public classes, workshops, and retreats.

Dakota Markanian

Owner and Founder of Ahwatukee Pilates & Wellness in Phoenix, AZ

Provides meditation on Tuesdays | Sound healing every second Saturday | Pilates every week  

Debra Chapman, Death Doulas—

IG: @deathtransitions

Debra is a Grief Specialist at YoloCares, a volunteer Death Doula for Joshua's House (the only hospice for the unhoused on the west coast) and the co-creator of Death Transitions, a doula collective. She offers comfort to those transitioning— with presence and sound. She created our partnership with INELDA.

"Last month I did individuals, and next month I am hoping to give sound baths in our beautiful gardens here. Magic is happening here!"

Anwen, Director of Events at the Center SF

IG: @anwen.cai

Anwen does beautiful sound baths with breathwork and sound healing in the bay!

Sean Caldwell

Mountain Prana

Creating soothing sound baths in Truckee, California

Karin Collins

IG: thelivingyou

Floating Sound Bath Retreats in Belize

Karin has hosted incredible floating sound baths at retreats in Belize, and she's also opened up a home studio in Tahoe! 

Jen Grossi

IG: @gatheringallgoddesses

Founder of a goddess gathering space in Lafayette, CA.

Offers workshops, sound experiences, movement, and more. She aims to help bring the sacred feminine to all, with the intention of finding balance and joy for others and herself.

Erica Nguyen

IG: @soundhealingproject

Erica is doing monthly sound baths in SF— in the Castro!

Rose Anzarouth

IG: acuflower_rose

Rose blends the modalities of acupuncture & sound in San Diego

Jordan Wolan

IG: @jordanwolancht

Based in Los Angeles, California

Provides hypnotherapy, sound Healing, Cannabis-assisted Psychedelic Therapy, and virtual sessions.

We're so grateful for the work you're doing in the world! We hope to continue to inspire people to create their own soothing sound experiences to help each other relax and feel good.

<div class="editor-content"><p>Simona and Guy</p></div>,

Simona and Guy

What are people saying

The course was absolutely amazing because it taught me the fundamentals of creating an effective sound journey! The learning container is supportive and interactive. I would really recommend anyone interested in hosting journeys to take the course.



I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Simona and Guy. I feel confident that I walked away with enough knowledge to comfortably share my own sound baths with others. Simona and Guy are both excellent teachers and easily approachable. I appreciated the material presented as well as the course being very much hands-on. Much gratitude to you both.


<div class="editor-content"><p>Dakota</p></div>,


Thanks to The Sound Bath Training Course, I now play weekly sound baths for my community. It feels like I've finally stepped into true service. I am LOVING it! I can honestly say it is one of the best investments I've made in myself.


<div class="editor-content"><p>Emma</p></div>,


Taking the Sound Bath Training course with Simona and Guy was incredible! It was a transformative experience, and inspired me to share this practice with as many people as possible. They were friendly and welcoming, and shared their knowledge and expertise with humility and aplomb. They thoughtfully introduced us to the instruments, taught us how to structure the bath and hold space for others, and created space for us to give and receive sound baths from each other. They are amazing teachers and this is an incredible course - I couldn't think of a better way to learn more about the healing power of sound and how to share this gift with others.



Become a Sound Bath Practioner

Start with our online course— just $349, packed with the basics of music theory, instrument considerations and 1:1 personalized attention.

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