Break Through Your Blocks— Hypnotherapy Course

Break through to a new level of fulfillment, joy and clarity. 

You'll be amazed at how quickly your world shifts when you utilize the power of the subconscious mind. 

Hypnotherapy can cultivate shocking changes— especially in areas where traditional therapy hasn't felt like enough. 

Experience a shift towards security, positivity and abundance— quickly, and certainly. This bundle contains 12 hypnosis meditations in *every area of your life*– created by celebrated hypnotherapist Rani Maree. 

And all you have to do is lay down and listen— anywhere, anytime. These journeys are yours to keep, and return to— for life. 

Many people listen to a favorite journeys first thing in the morning, right before they fall asleep, or on their morning commute. 

As a bonus, we will also create a personalized journey for YOU, with Rani Maree and the music of 'The Sound Healing Symphony', on any topic you want to work on. This will be yours for life. 

Since we do these personalized journeys, we can only bring on 12 new students for this course each month. 

What's Inside

Let's be real though: a single hypnotherapy session costs at least $200—and that's not covered by insurance.  

You get 12 hypnotherapy journeys (a $1500 value)

Your own personalized journey on any topic of your choice ($200). 

Access journeys on–

Cultivating Abundance

Releasing Regret / Releasing the Past

Inner Child Healing

Opening to Love

Motion Sickness (in the moment relief)

Having Healthy Boundaries 

Healing Ancestral Trauma

Conscious Manifestation

Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

These journeys are yours for life. 

Break Through Your Blocks Now

Sign up today. We guarantee you'll find this valuable— if you don't love it, we will refund you minus the cost of the personal journey (75%).

Level Me Up!

How it Works

Hypnotherapy is rapidly growing in popularity, and it really works.

The way it works is a two-step process. First, you're guided into a deep state of relaxation. Then, through repetition, you can show your subconscious better behaviors, beliefs and outcomes to create lasting change and healing.

We set our hypnotherapy journeys to a soothing sound bath with ethereal crystal bowls, 38" Paiste gongs, Native American flute, monochord, vibraphone, Tibetan bowls, rain sticks, dreamy vocals, chimes and more— to really bring you to your deepest state of relaxation. 

You can try it for all sorts of issues, like quitting smoking, building self-confidence, manifesting more money, and more.

Guaranteed to Work

If you don't love these journeys, we will refund you, minus the cost of the personal journey.

Sign up and start your first journey tonight— and be on your path to healing, clarity and abundance. 

Go For It