Sound Meditation Presents

The Sound Healing Symphony in Golden Gate Park

October 29, 2022 | 1pm-3pm
Secret Location | Golden Gate Park

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Join us for a soothing sound meditation concert— in nature, and with community. 'The Sound Healing Symphony' is finally returning to San Francisco to bring you an epic experience of calm and delight. 

Over 1500 of us will gather to fall into a deep state of calm and clarity.

A sound bath (also known as a 'sound meditation' or 'sound healing') is a soothing concert designed to bring you into your deepest state of meditation. It's particularly profound for those who feel they have a hard time meditating, or just 'can't get there'.

'The Sound Healing Symphony' is a sound meditation gathering, which features a collection of the West Coast's best meditative musicians, all coming together in harmony to bring you to a deep state of peace.

It's a time for our community to collectively let go of their worries, and float downstream on an inner journey.

Before and after the event, you can relax, connect with the community and wander around Golden Gate Park.


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'The Sound Healing Symphony' is the largest sound bath in the country, introducing thousands to the practice of sound meditation. We originated in San Francisco and are so excited to gather for the first time since the pandemic started!

Conducted by Guy Douglas and featuring an array of talented musicians on 38" Paiste Gongs, Binaural Beat Crystal Bowls, Harp, Digeridoo, Tibetan bowls, Native American Flute, Ethereal Vocals, Vibraphone, Monolina, Chimes and more.


Can't afford the ticket price? Don't let that prevent you from coming to a community gathering. We are looking for volunteers— e-mail simona (at) soundmeditationsf (dot) com.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do tickets go up?

October 12th at 3pm. Don't miss it— sign up for an alert here. We use eventbrite, so snagging a ticket only takes a minute.

Why do you delay ticket sales?

Our events usually sell out quickly— a delayed ticket sale gives our community time to coordinate with friends and decide how many are going. This also helps us with planning.

What should I bring?

Bring a blanket or a yoga mat to lay on! The more comfortable you are, the deeper the experience, so snag some extra fluff and a pillow.

Yoga tip— a pillow underneath your knees supports your low back.

Bring something to cover your eyes! We will have extra eye coverings on site, too. We also recommend bringing a hat, some water, and some snacks to share with friends.

I've never meditated before. Is this right for me?


Is the event accessible?


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