Heal Your Relationship With Yourself

Use the cutting edge tools of sound healing and hypnotherapy to access your deepest state of relaxation and reprogram your subconscious mind.

🧘🏾‍♀️ Sound meditation and hypnotherapy are a perfect blend— this combination helps you relax deeper into a trance state.

🎧 All you have to do is lay down, put on some headphones and close your eyes.

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💜 Hypnotherapy journeys for manifestation, cultivating abundance, healing your relationship with your inner child, mindful habit change and more.

Blanket yourself in self-love

Everyone should have access to hypnotherapy, and other tools that create ease, spaciousness and peace.

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"In a state of deep and focused attention, getting past the ‘thinking’ mind— you’re able to access the subconscious. This is where memories, behaviour patterns and deep rooted fears are held.

The mind learns by repetition, so new beliefs of safety, love and worthiness are installed during the journey. The new empowering beliefs are able to directly sink in to the fertile ground of your subconscious mind, so they can be absorbed without limitation."

Rani Maree, Hypnotherapist

Say yes to your highest self

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